About Us

International Club is a non-profit corporation in Washington, D.C., which is created to enhance existing learning and fun events, as well as to develop new ones.

We focuse on the enhancement of the international experience.

Our objective is to assist our members to exchange, practice and enrich themselves in this experience – socializing, volunteering, employment, education, training, and/or something else. Although multicultural topics and national events are a must, we do not want to limit ourselves with them.

International Club develops or partners in development of the following activities,

Hands-On Training & Career Opportunities for Everyone (HOTCOE), originally created for immigrants entering the American workforce with two programs,
The HOTCOE Career Launch core program for people launching new careers (professional certification, work experience, vocational education and training). Here is a current commercial: http://youtu.be/bIyf7KZkmHU
Jedi2b.com HOTCOE Masters modification of the HOTCOE Career Launch program (above), created for middle- and high-school students
The International Learning & Fun in Greater Washington program for people learning and having fun through international experience.

The related training is provided on the basis of HOTCOE Career Launch program (see above). Besides core people skills, the training includes,
Leadership hands-on training. The participants will organize events at International Learning & Fun to improve their research and information literacy competencies
Writing hands-on training. The participants will create stories at International Fun for the City to improve their written communication competencies
Multilingual hands-on training. The participants will participate in multilingual activities to improve their foreign language awareness and competency. Currently, the Russian curriculum is being developed to be used as a model. Most likely, Russian speakers (both second language learners and native speakers) will utilize the Russian Klub meetup group, which is an open platform for Russian-speaking initiatives in the Greater Washington. The participants might also create stories in other languages such as Belarusian at Ruthenian Institute, Eastern European languages at Ruthenian Institute Community or Russian at Russian D

Promising topics include,
National holydays and celebrations
International Nights: The idea is to create events, dedicated to a few nations
National Dinner: The idea is to create events, dedicated to some particular nations on the one night, one nation basis. They would start at 7-8PM
Concert visiting: The idea is to organize mutual visits of various concerts
Food tasting: This might be a part of any other event, but might be a separate as well
Excursions. The idea is to organize excursions to various sites (especially those, which are influenced by international communities)
Movie screening. – in partnership, of course
Art discussions. – the idea needs to be developed further
Gatherings. Open space (for instance, Georgetown Waterfront, games such as Secret Santa
Religion Talks. – the idea needs to be developed further
Sporting. – the idea needs to be developed further
Board Meetings. We are officially meeting bi-weekly
… You design and name it!
The New partner and chapter development program (anywhere – Belarus, Brasil, China, Russia, the U.S., Ukraine, etc.)

Please, keep in touch and feel free to share any other thoughts on to how we could make our lives more exciting and meaningful. Make yourself home – welcome to International Club!